May 23, 2010

Finally an Update!

Life happens and as such, I have been lax in updating my SFG Blog.  Everything seems to be moving right along since my last post.  All of my seedlings are growing strong and fast.  I had to break down and buy an eggplant as my attempt at growing eggplant from seed was an epic failure.  I'm still recovering from the sugar pumpkin disaster.  I decided to plant another one from seed in a separate container in another location of my yard.  Since I freed up that square, I decided to plant beets there instead.  I planted three different varieties: Detroit Dark Red, Early Wonder and Chioggia.

Now on to the current pics:


The carrots are finally getting their true leaves.

Eight of the nine spinach plants grew.  Not sure what happened to the ninth. 
Maybe I forgot to put seeds in that hole.  LOL!

This is the leaf lettuce.  There was another plant in that empty spot, but it didn't make it.  I'm going to replace it with a seedling from my sister-in-laws SFG when she thins hers.

This is the mini butterhead lettuces.  Only 4 "head" lettuces should be planted in a square,
but these are "mini" lettuces, so I thought I'd try six and see what happens.

Here are my bush beans.  I have 5 that have come up fully and you can just see 2 more breaking through the soil.  This leaves 2 empty spots as I planted nine in this square.  I'm going to carefully dig down where I planted those seeds and see what happened.  Maybe I planted them too deep.

Beet seedlings.  I just planted these last week, so they're coming along well.

Black Beauty Eggplant.  I picked this up at the store last week.  It's already growing new leaves since I planted it.  I added a support that I got at the dollar store.  I hope it holds up ok.

And finally here is my sugar pumpkin setup.  I planted the seed last week and set it up against a trellis against the pool.  I'm hoping the vine will grow up the trellis and across the pool fence.

So, that's how things are going in my garden right now.  Sorry for the delay, but I hope to keep this updated more frequently now that everything is growing so well.  I'm also hoping to start harvesting some leaf lettuce in the next couple of weeks.


  1. Sorry to hear about your pumpkin seedling and eggplant seed failures. This is my second year to have a SFG, and thus far I haven't had too much luck growing plants from seeds. Maybe next year you and I both will fare better!

  2. Your crops are lookin' good right now. I hope the pumpkin does its thing up the trellis and over the pool fence. Looks like a good place for it.
    Good luck.

  3. Thank you everyone. I sure hope the pumpkin does well where I put it. It will get plenty of sun there and I'm hoping it will offer some shady spots in the pool. So, a win-win as far as I'm concerned.